5 In 1 iPad Camera Connection Kit

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5 In 1 iPad Camera Connection Kit is a cool gadget from China, which for me, is better than the original Apple version. This iPad connection kit has a mini USB port, an SD card slot, a microSd card slot, and AV out port with an included RCA jack. It adds functionalities to the iPad like no other gadget can. The 5 in one iPad camera connection kit can be purchased online at MICGadget, but they are only sold in quantities of 50 and above.

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One Comment to “5 In 1 iPad Camera Connection Kit”

  1. 12-20-2010 at 4:14 pm

    These have been available on for a while… and no you don’t need to buy 50. If you use the USB mini for power, the USB will be free for your keyboard and fixes the 4.2 USB power issue.

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