2014 Red Wings Winter Classic Jersey

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Hockey fans would wanna start the year 2014 right and there couldn’t be a better beginning than an outdoor game between the Detroit Red Wings against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Get in the spirit this early with this fantastic throwback jersey (or sweater) featuring the classic Wings uniform. The retro ‘Detroit’ font with the iconic Winged Wheel logo sit in front of the shirt, with the off-white stripes contrasting the dominant red color. Like most throwback jerseys, this one also has the laces up top. You can get the jersey plain, but I highly recommend getting the one featuring the captain, Henrik Zetterberg’s or his alternate, the escape artist known as Pavel Datsyuk. The 2014 Winter Classic will be sponsored by Bridgestone and it will be played in Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. It’s nearly two years in the making, no thanks to the NHL lockout, but things are looking good for next year’s outdoor hockey games. $175+.

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